Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Furniture

The new bedroom furniture and mattress arrived today. The delivery people even set everything up so it was easy peasy for us. Then we got the fun part of making the bed with the new bedding and then putting all our stuff back. Its lovely :-) And BIG - it almost doesn't all fit in our bedroom.

I wish we could have painted before the furniture got here

Today's word of the day is zibeline (ZIB-uh-leen noun - : a soft lustrous wool fabric with mohair, alpaca, or camel's hair). Wouldn't you like a shawl or blanket crocheted with zibeline? It would certainly be better than the cheap acrylic yarn that I'm using to crochet my first coverlet. Someday, when I get good, I'll make some socks with mohair. Don't hold your breath though as I'm still pretty much a raw beginner.

My pleasures today: seeing the bedroom get all set up with new furniture! Eating a "honey bar" when I was starving mid afternoon - it tasted SO GOOD ; Battening down the hatches with a winter storm coming and you know that you don't have to leave the house - its a very cocconing feeling - cosy and warm and snugged right in.


March 8th's 31 Day Challenge is "a birthday celebration".

That would have to be Carm's 50th birthday party. We had about 60+ guests, tons of food, a giant burnt sugar cake and a really great time.

March 9th's 31 Day Challenge is "your most treasured item".

I had a hard time thinking up something for this one as I'm not attached to many things. So I thought, if we lost everything in a fire what would I miss most? Our photo albums are what immediately came to mind. They are irreplaceable and cradle the memories of my life. I get a lot of pleasure going through the old albums and recalling the events, people, pets and places that are captured. Looking at the photo recalls vividly to my mind much more than just what is seen.