Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Max and I at a St. Patty's day Parade

With great-grandparents sporting the surname Murphy, I surely have a wee bit of the Irish blood flowing in my veins! No need for green beer though, a cool Guinness will do just fine ;-)

Irish Wolfhounds in a St. Patty's Day parade.

Geese from the HUGE flock flying over the house
The sky was noisy with geese today. At one point a huge flock flew over, the honks were so loud they drowned out the television. I stepped out onto the back step and was blown away by the numbers. One part of the huge flock was circling the house looking for a place to land on the creek. It really is something to see such a flock so early in March. I hope they know something about spring coming early! Its +10 today - can you believe it! It's almost swimsuit weather :-) It's that kind of springish day that calls for a hotdog eaten on the front deck in the sun. Alas, some green beans will have to do.

I saw my first redwing blackbird today and when I was in the village for a walk I saw a robin! There have been lots of woodpeckers around, including one trying to peck the wasps nest that is just outside the window by my computer - I could have almost reached out and touched it.

Today's word of the day is galley-west (gal-ee-WEST adverb - : into destruction or confusion).

My pleasures today: listening to the wild honk of thousands of geese ; having a nice visit with my friend Karen ; going for a walk in the beautiful spring like weather ; seeing a robin ; walking through puddles of melting snow.


 31 Day Challenge is "are you named after anyone"?

I'm named after both grandmothers - Laura from my mother's side (her middle name was Ada as well I believe) and Ada from my father's side. I'm happy to have received the names of these women who I never met. I like having the link to my past. Carm is named after his paternal grandfather, an Italian tradition.

Geese on the creek - just a few that landed