Friday, March 25, 2011

Dizzy from Sugar

The Mother TongueToday's word of the day is nonplus (nahn-PLUS verb : to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do : perplex). This is one of those funny words where when you take away the prefix (non) you are left with a word that is not the opposite meaning. You don't say "I was plussed" when you have plenty to say on a subject. But you would say "I am rarely nonplussed about this subject". There are a lot of words like this, such as discombobulate - there is no such word as combobulate. Isn't language funny! I'm half-way through reading Bill Bryson's "The Mother Tongue" which is a fun investigation of our language and how it has evolved.

step 1: make burnt sugar
My pleasures today: making Burnt Sugar cake for Carm's birthday - yes it is a special kind of cake that has no white flour, nor does it have tons of butter and sugar - it is really just broccoli and fits perfectly on the diet. Well, okay - not. But for a birthday celebration we are getting special dispensation. In fact the whole weekend is going to be a feast - then it's back to the grindstone and strict for the next 15 pounds! Okay, now we'll talk about the REAL PLEASURE from today - licking spoons and beaters and bowls, tasting the baked cake, eating the bits of icing that "fell off". This icing is AMAZING - it is basically burnt sugar fudge - yes, fudge. It is SO yummy that we beat each other to get to the mixing bowl first. Seriously, we don't do that and I try to share even though it only seems right that the cook - the one who did ALL THE WORK - should get first dibs! Now I'm dizzy from sugar overload ;-)

fresh out of the oven. No photo of finished cakes,
they were quickly wrapped and put away out of
harms reach.

Figuring out what the seam binding will look like on the tablecloth.
I just love the colours together and the sweet patterns,
daisys and grasshoppers, will be perfect on the camper.

31 Day Challenge is "something you are looking forward to".

Up until the end of December I was looking forward to retirement - oh how I was looking forward to retirement - I was so looking forward to retirement (sense a theme here!). Now that retirement is here I am enjoying each and every moment, savoring each and every moment, loving each and every moment. So what am I looking forward to now? Summer vacation (okay okay I know everyday is vacation, but I mean drive away from the house summer vacation). We have 3 weeks booked at Presquile, our favorite provincial park. Our site is right on the water with beautiful water access and swimming right from our site. It is a beautiful park with lovely water views and lots of walking trails for us to enjoy. Last year we ate like kings (okay - pigs), and yet with all the walking didn't gain a pound. Now that's a vacation!

this is what I'm looking forward to
looking back from the water's edge
check out our fence!