Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The day dawned , okay I don't really know how it dawned cause I didn't wake up till way after the sun rose, but anyway, it dawned grey and rainy. They had called for freezing rain but we dodged that bullet. After we had our coffees and computer fixes we headed over to Winchester to a liquidation sale. I had hoped to find a cheap area rug for the living room, a rectangular cake pan, and even a good quality skillet (I didn't hold out much hope for this). However, it was nothing like what I expected so instead we came home with toys for Spike, workout pants for me, mat for Bella on the camper, and some sort of practice club for Carm. It weighs a ton so I guess it is supposed to give him a workout? Why else would you practice with something like that?

Yesterday I was complaining about my desk - I can't straighten my legs under it as it is tresle style. Carm suggested swapping it out for the big, old-fashioned work-style one that I have hidden away in the all-purpose room. I thought about it for a bit, took some measurements and then started the move. I couldn't be happier. There's tons of room for my legs, plus since the desk is so much bigger there is more room for my stuff. I figured that function had to be considered over form this time.

after - SPACE!

Today's word of the day is disseise (dih-SEEZ verb : to deprive especially wrongfully of seisin : to put out of possession or occupancy : dispossess). We let our neighboring dairy farmer use some of our land. It abuts his property in such a way that it is very convenient for him to graze his heifers on it, plus we let him take the hay from our hay field. I hope that this use doesn't someday cause him to disseise our property using some archaic squatters rights.

My pleasures today: doing "find it"s with Spike and his new toy. He loves the game where I hide a toy and he runs to find it. He even knows which toy I want him to find as I mix it up a bit ; going for a drive was a bit of a pleasure, but it was rainy and dark which took away from it a bit.