Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope everyone had nice plans with family or at least got outside to enjoy the beautiful day (it was actually sunny here yesterday).

Simple Stitches: Crochet: 25 Projects for the New StitcherSaturday was another cold and rainy day though, so I spent the afternoon stretched out on the bed with my crochet granny squares and "The Big Bang Theory" marathon on TV. Carm was hogging the living room with "Dr. Who" so I was glad to have a place to escape to. When we were at Michaels the other day I picked up a book of beginner crochet patterns. There are a few things that I'd like to try, but when I look at the instructions they look like they are written in Greek... it seems impossible. However I'll give it the old college try and take a shot at the long fingerless gloves. Who knows what they'll turn out like - at the very least it will be good for a laugh.

getting gas on our drive
We spent Easter Sunday at Carm's brother's place. We had a lovely lunch and even had fun with the massive cleanup. There were a few people missing this year, but still the dining table is set with multiple tables and extends well into the living room. With all the nieces and nephews (all grown now), their boyfriends and girl friends, there were close to 20 people. It is a lively bunch! And add to the mix Sunny and Spike and it is almost chaos!

My pleasures the past few days: sitting in the morning sun with my coffee ; chatting with sisters-in-law ; watching Spike and Sunny play - they had so much fun, although by the time it was time to go Spike was more than ready to get in the car - he was exhausted ; driving home the back way and seeing the countryside ; waking up to the sound of a dog retching - oh wait, no, that wasn't exactly a pleasure although it was good to get to him in time to get him off the carpet... ; today it was cleaning up some brush cuttings and making a small area tidy - lots more areas to go (not so pleasurable - not long after I cleaned up that area Carm went back and cut a bunch more stuff so its almost as if I had never done it now).

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