Friday, April 15, 2011


Today was a beautiful day, although it was only 4C (about 40F). Better enjoyed from indoors looking out in the morning. In the afternoon we both ventured outside for some yard work - it was cool but there was full sun and no wind - actually a lovely day. The tulips are getting bigger as are the maple buds (we are up and personal with them as we are still cutting down trees).

Today's word of the day is terpsichorean (terp-sih-kuh-REE-un adjective - : of or relating to dancing). We have friends coming over tomorrow night and they are bringing their terpsichorean Kinect game. It is called Dance Central and involves learning some moves and then putting them to music. I suspect that we'll expend as many calories laughing as we will dancing. Just picture 4 middle aged people grooving to the beat - it's a visual that just makes me laugh.

flying poodle

My pleasures today: In bed this morning Spike squeezed/wedged/pinned himself between Carm and I and went back to sleep. I love it when he does this - it harkens back to when he was a pup and we'd pin him with our arms and made him lay there when he woke up too early - I think it might remind him too as he does this most mornings ; sitting on the grass to take a short break from the yard work ;

Not such a pleasure - blue screen of death on my laptop: page fault in non-paged area - doesn't look good...

As you can see below I'm still having fun scrapbooking... I've changed these pages 100 times and expect to change them another 100 times. When is it right?


  1. Love the Kabira lapdog photos and the flying poodle shot :-)

    I'm shocked at your time spent cooking! Anything that takes more than a few minutes just doesn't get done here. That's why fresh fruit and veggies are daily menu items (e.g., fresh pineapple today -- delicious). Probably also why I haven't lost much weight.

  2. The time is crazy, but I get tired of just plain veggies so I like to mix it up a bit. All that chopping takes time!

    Hang in there and you are sure to lose weight. One little trick that I use is a food log - when the cheats are right there I can't deny them!