Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cutting Down and Bucking Up

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day. We spent several hours outside, Carm cut down some trees, I gathered branches and stacked wood, raked and just puttered. It was nice to get outside doing something! It won't be long now till we can get into the flower and vegetable beds to get them ready for planting. I always find that it is winter then suddenly busy spring time. We are both looking forward to having the time to spend sprucing the place up (and of course lounging around on my garden swing).

Today was not so sunny, but still warm so we headed outside to get a bit more yard work done. Carm felled 3 more trees (with the scary chainsaw), and we got them trimmed and bucked up. Our brush pile is getting ridiculously huge! I'm sure there must be all manner of wildlife living in its shelter.

Today's word of the day is panegyric (pan-uh-JEER-ik noun : a eulogistic oration or writing; also : formal or elaborate praise). Did anyone watch the Oscars? It is a panegyric event for actors, directors and everyone else involved with the movie industry. I don't think I have ever watch the entire Oscar program, only short bits here and there. I don't really get all the hype.

My pleasures yesterday and today: yesterday, after working outside, I had my lunch on the front deck. It gets full sun in the afternoon and is usually protected from the wind - a pleasant place to sit. It was so warm out that Carm washed the car and the front of the camper (I watched from the front deck with a cup of tea - how lazy and decadent) ; we ate some asparagus for supper last night, although it was a bit woody it was still very tasty. I think it is one of my favorite vegetables ; tonight we will have some roasted brussels sprouts - another favorite - if you haven't tried roasting them give it a shot - they are so tasty that way (cut in 1/2, toss in a tiny bit of olive oil then cook for 15 minutes in a 450 oven). Serve with rice or a rice lentil mixture ; the Masters was on this weekend - perfect background for an afternoon nap or at least quiet contemplation ;-)