Friday, April 8, 2011


Today's word of the day is cloud-cuckoo-land (kloud-KOO-koo-land noun : a realm of fantasy or of whimsical or foolish behavior). Huh? I would like us to take a trip to Disney Land/World (whichever is in Florida). I was at the California edition years and years ago when I was just in grade 12. Our whole family went, including my two little brothers. It was so fun experiencing cloud-cuckoo-land through their eyes. Maybe it wouldn't be so fun to go now?

Last night we had two of Carm's buddies from work over. I felt like I was in cloud-cuckoo-land except instead of a fantasy it was more a nightmare (just joking!). I think they all had a good time, but let me tell you, sitting with a bunch of guys who used to work together and that's about all they have in common is, how would you put it? boring, tedious, I'm sure there are many other words to describe it . All they did is rehash events that happened in the past. I went to bed early. As I told them when I headed off to bed - I've had as much scintillating conversation as I can take - is that too sarcastic? All that being said - I was happy to be the hostess as I know it was a lot of fun for Carm, plus his two buddies are nice guys that I would like to see again. Oh yeah - they didn't complain about the healthy grub.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night as I had plans for designing a new page background for my blog using the scrapbooking tool. I get these ideas in my head and they just churn. As you can see they didn't turn out exactly as I what I had in mind - a bit dorky - but I'll play with new backgrounds as "time permits" (I'm so busy in retirement you see).

I sent some photos to my niece this morning of the farm that we get our last name from. The photos were taken in 1974 when we visited Norway. The farm was given to an ancestor centuries ago for their role in saving Norway from a Scottish invasion. It's pretty neat to have a documented history that goes back so far.

My pleasures: sitting on the front step (in the warm sun) last night and watching the geese fly overhead - I love hearing them honk "are we there yet" over and over again, and especially love hearing the swish of their wings cutting through the air ; getting up in the morning with a clear head - there's something to be said for cutting out the wine! ; at 10:30 am I saw flies buzzing around outside - it's warm out! ; seeing the tips of tulips pushing their way out of the cold earth ; and it is always a pleasure to watch the dogs running at full speed.