Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deck Levelling

Yesterday afternoon we got out the tools and starting levelling the deck. Over the last few years the footings had settled and now it was all out of whack. Carm pried off a few deck boards, put the bottle jack underneath and  shimmed under the posts. It is not 100%, but a heck of a lot better.  Now there are a few boards  to replace and then the pressure washer comes out for a good cleaning. Finally, in a few days the patio furniture will come out of the basement. We’ll have our deck back – then it will really seem like summer.

Today we headed into town to visit Carm’s mom and help her out with a few things. We did some running around and then got her safely back at Joe’s place by 3:30 – time for us to start working our way out of town before rush hour. One of our grocery stops was Costco – I treated myself to a chocolate soft serve cone - YUM. Salad for supper tonight!

There have been a few weeks of busy days now – I could use a day just reading and puttering around.

Today’s word of the day is decry (dih-KRY verb - 1: to depreciate (as a coin) officially or publicly ; 2: to express strong disapproval of). Can I decry the lack  of camping? I’m pretty certain that all readers will decry my use of the word! I’m just not feeling that creative today…

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.
Mark Twain