Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Days at the Rally

The weather turned sunny and hot on Sunday going into Monday. It was just beautiful, and the walks that we took in the mud were now lovely dry walks with pretty vistas – everything looks nicer without a layer of mud and bagpipes.

There is a little used road at the back of the park that winds along the water – it is very pretty. Once the mud was gone we walked along here at least a few times a day.

Wednesday the wind came up, blowing awnings and dust everywhere. Same wind for Thursday which made for an uncomfortable drive home – that big RV is like a giant sail…

20110531_rally_013We made more acquaintances and got to know more people better. Being there for the whole week really helped. Lots of the people travel from rally to rally, so they know each other quite well. A lot of folks travel south for the winters, some to Florida and even more to Texas. It sounds intriguing – something we may try for a few months this next winter.

20110531_rally_015We didn’t get out and about as much as we thought, but we did find a very nice dog park less than 10 minutes away. The dogs are exhausted from lack of sleep, and perhaps even the exercise and heat.

The photo below is Carm on the phone to an RV dealer in Cornwall with a camper that we might be interested in – it’s a 32’ Titanium, so a few feet bigger, but with 3 slides instead of just the one. There would be more space for all of us which would help if we were away from home for an extended period of time.


It was bitter sweet to leave for home.

We did get home to a lovely display of water Irises that my Mom had given us years ago. They have naturalized themselves around the pond – very pretty.