Sunday, June 5, 2011

RV Shopping?

Huh! Are we crazy or just insane… Spending all that time at the Titanium Rally has given us a case of twofootitis (or in this case threefootitis). There is a model that we have always liked – the 32e37SA which has 3 slides (we have one slide) and is a few feet longer. It would give us a bit more room for Grace’s cage, the dogs and us. Especially if we end up south for a few months.

We saw a few 32’s at the rally (thanks to those who let us tour), and then headed to Cornwall on Friday to see a used one – it had few options and did not appeal to us. Then yesterday we headed to a big RV sale put together by a whole bunch of dealers. We were particularly taken with the Bighorn’s – pretty lux with lots of room. The models we liked were another foot or two bigger than the 32 though. But the kitchens – wow! As you might guess they were worth a pretty penny – if only those speculative stocks would come in big!

Today's word of the day is pomaceous (poh-MAY-shus adjective - 1: of or relating to apples ; 2: resembling a pome). Our apple trees have finished blossoming and now the tiny buds of apples are forming. This is the time we should be spraying but honestly we are both too lazy and also environmentally aware (let’s go with this reason rather than the lazy one). The pomaceous areas of our property will remain pesticide free. Sure, some of the apples will have worms, but we have been able to harvest more than enough apples for us.

I’ve been forgetting about my pleasures lately – time to get back to it. The last few days has been filled with pleasures from the sweet fragrances and beautiful colours of the flowers in my garden ;


Having the dogs listen when I called them off a little groundhog that they had cornered. In the old days of Pan and Grizzle they would have made short work of it, but the current dogs are more curious than killer ; walking into our RV and still loving it (even if it is a bit “small”) ;

Last night - killing that last mosquito that had been keeping us awake – how can something so tiny cause such disruption? The mosquitos have been brutal lately ;

Helping Carm plant some Oak seedlings that he has grown from an acorn picked up at one of our favourite campgrounds.



A quote from Inspiration Peak:

We are perfect, not because we’ve reached a certain point in our lives, but because we are reaching.

Mike Dooley (Slightly Adapted) (Inspirational Author, Speaker and Friend)