Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Oh what a beautiful day… there is plenty of sunshine… what more can I say.

With the back deck mostly all done we finally have the swing out there to enjoy the mornings. It beats sitting at my computer all morning, but then how will I get my blog (partially) written? Problem easily solved! Bring my laptop onto the deck (which seems like a good idea, but it’s darn hard to see the screen, it might be better if I plugged it in).

Carm’s mom has settled in well – I think she’s looking well rested and relaxed – nothing like some peaceful country air to improve one’s countenance. The dogs love her – especially Bella who now thinks she has her own personal petter.

Today’s word of the day is hyperborean (hye-per-BOR-ee-un adjective - 1: of or relating to an extreme northern region : frozen ; 2: of or relating to any of the arctic peoples) but honestly, I don’t even want to think about anything frozen or arctic – in fact it is almost impossible to do so when I’m sitting on the back deck enjoying this day.

Carm got the camper washed so it is finally shiny white – if only we had of gotten it done before the rally! And the reward for all that work? A trip to St. Albert Cheese Factory for an ice cream cone and cheese curds. Now we are too full for supper! At this rate I’m not going to fit into my sequin dress by the wedding…