Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fireflies Light the Way

I was surrounded by bright spots of flickering light as I walked down the dark laneway last night. Fairies with their lanterns lighting the way. We were heading back to the hospital to spend the night with Carm’s dad and welcomed the special magic to show us on our way.   Pa had a massive stroke on Wednesday night with fatal brain damage and is now in a coma - we are making sure that someone is with him at all times, just so he doesn’t feel alone.

I hope that the fireflies with their fairy lanterns are there to accompany Pa on his journey to heaven.

On an unrelated note, one of the good things about cancelling this weeks camping trip is that we are home for the peonies. The first few buds have blossomed, with many more to come. Peonies my favourite flower – I love the lush, sensuous, fragrant blooms.


More poppies were in blossom. These beauties show up in different locations every year as they self-seed. The usually grow on the gravel path around the garden, and of course we can’t risk damaging them so forgo the path.



Carm opened the pool the other day – we had hot, humid weather, but the opening of the pool assured a change to cool, cloudy…



The dog’s made their second kill on Wednesday. We think it was Spike as he was found chewing on the body. Yes, cute, fluffy, little Spike who was once an office worker is now a real dog. We feel a mixture of pride and revulsion. I don’t think there are any groundhogs left down by the barn as the dogs all run down there to check it out but quickly return to the house.

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