Friday, June 17, 2011

Swallows Swooping

I love watching the barn swallows swoop and deke and dive – they are such incredible flyers. It seems that they are performing their aerial acrobatics for the pure joy of it. We always have a few families living in the barn which used to be interesting when their babies were in the nest. They would dive at my head as I went to and fro from the barn to do my chores. I’d wear a baseball cap so they wouldn’t get tangled in my hair! I didn’t mind though – their appetite for mosquitos gives them a free pass to the airways.

The dogs made their 3rd kill yesterday – we think it was Spike again as he had the body. I don’t know where they are finding these groundhogs – we hadn’t seen any around the house until they rooted out the first one. The tall grass is keeping them very close to home so these groundhogs have to be direct neighbours.

The peonies are almost finished their glorious display. We divided and moved some plants last fall so the mass of blossoms was even more luscious than before. I’m sure I’ve said it before but they are my favourite flower – they are so Rubenesque with their voluptuous petals.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
James M. Barrie


What are my pleasures for the last few days? Well, today it was watching the swallows do their aerobatics ; smelling the peonies ;  watching Carm balance on the edge of the pool as he vacuums it ; waking up late ; Spike on the bed cuddling against my legs ; listening to Grace talk and chatter (and call for breakfast).

Pleasures for yesterday and the day before were harder to come by, but they were there – seeing my honey in a suit – he looked so handsome I could hardly take my eyes off him ; spending time with Carm’s family – I feel much closer to them after the last week ; seeing his relatives from Toronto – I like them but we never see them – out of sight out of mind I guess ; watching from behind as Carm held his arm around his uncle Joseph (his dad’s brother) – seeing the two of them sitting side by side was heart warming – Carm a bit taller and with his back straight and strong – his uncle shorter and more frail looking with slumped shoulders – he took the death of his brother very hard – if I was an artist I would paint it (alas they would be stick figures with my skills) .