Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Healthy Meals? Not so much!

I guess it is time to come clean and post a diet update… I reached the -25 pound mark over a month ago but have since lost the motivation to keep at it. I am trying to keep with a healthy breakfast and lunch but suppers are where I’ve been falling down most (that and the odd snuck cookie). I get the odd healthy dinner cooked but lately there’s been pasta (with smoked salmon for omega 3’s – does that count as healthy?), hamburgers (I don’t want to waste the leftovers from our lunch on Sunday), and other such transgressions (cheese from St. Albert yesterday, tons of donuts when Carm’s dad was in the hospital, handfuls of cashews… oh my it looks bad when I write it down!). Regular exercise has also taken a hit – that I’ve got to get back to a.s.a.p.. The good news is that I’m maintaining a constant weight so I guess this is just practice for real life. In the fall we’ll get back to serious dieting and get that last 20 pounds off.

Today’s word of the day is amanuensis (uh-man-yuh-WEN-sis noun - : one employed to write from dictation or to copy manuscript). Writing from dictation is surely a skill that is difficult to acquire. I don’t imagine that there are as many people working as amanuensis as there were in the past – with desktop publishing most people must write their own prose rather than dictate it for someone else to type.

I saw this video on the internet today – yikes! Where ever it is we are NEVER going there!       http://www.wimp.com/zigzag/


Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.
Salvador Dali