Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Along Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out

Spiders… this place is crawling with them. I’ve never seen so many! You even see signs along the roads advertising spider removal. I think what attracts them are the billions of teeny tiny little flies that congregate on every surface. A few years ago we brought fairy lights to go along the top of the fence. After a few nights you could barely even see the light as it was covered thick with this tiny bugs. We’ve left them home ever since.

Today was grey and rainy. Luckily I got the dogs out for their morning constitutional before the rain started so they managed to stay inside until 4pm when the rain finally let up. Since the roads were so muddy though I kept them on the site (along the road) to relieve themselves. I normally don’t let them go onsite, and instead walk them down to a rough area, well away from other campsites. I’m pretty sure other campers don’t want dog pee (or worse) on their sites.  We’ll head out again at bedtime and give them a better chance to stretch their legs.

It was a perfect day to leave the dogs in the camper and head to the Laundromat. We still had lots of clean clothes, but it’s nice to get the towels and sheets done. The laundromat has got to be the nicest one anywhere. It is so clean, has huge, professional washers and decent dryers. It is staffed by lovely ladies. And the clients are cheerful and friendly. And they make change. The only thing it is missing is snacks for those of us who go before they’ve had their breakfast!


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