Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living in the Here and Now

The quote from yesterday’s post about being “here” has reminded me (yet again) about how important it is to live in the “now”. I tend to live in my head a lot and not really be aware of what is really happening around me. When I remember to be more present I tend to be calmer and happier. There is so much in everyday life that is wonderful – it’s a shame to spend it in a fog. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog – to remind me to pay attention to the everyday details, pleasures and beauties. I still have to remind myself though! Even on those lovely walks in the park – dooh. I think it is time to list some of my pleasures everyday, like I did for the first few months of my blog.

My pleasures for yesterday: watching the clouds as we drove home – they were fluffy but had flat bottoms as if they were sitting on a giant glass tray ; seeing a lovely black Doberman at the service center when we stopped for hamburgers – she was so pretty and sleek ; okay, I’ll admit it, the burger king hamburger really hit the spot. It even had a real tomato on it ; seeing the first glimpse of the house as we rounded the bend – it’s still here and not burned down or anything! ; now here’s a big one – getting the trailer from the road into the laneway in one shot!!! Hurray!!!! No yelling or shouting… no vowing to never RV again… whew… that is always the least looked forward to part of camping ; and here’s another one for Carm – folding the clean laundry to get it ready to load back into the camper – by bedtime 3 loads were washed, dried and folded – good work honey!

My pleasures for today: letting the dogs out the door this morning – I didn’t have to get dressed to walk them down the road for their business ; popping the dogs into the car and having a walk down the road from us – there were only 2 vehicles that passed us, the vegetation was lush, and it was peaceful. I can see that it would be a boring walk day after day, but at least I got out for a brisk 30 min walk ; going for a swim in the clean pool after my walk. The water was 74F – very refreshing ; checking out all the plant growth on the property – there are new wildflowers growing on the lawn, the apples have grown and are starting to ripen.