Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Cool

Last night I took a load of food out to the camper to start the load-up for this weekend’s camping trip. Oh oh, fridge is warm and everything in the freezer was thawed. Luckily I was able to salvage the steaks from the freezer as they were still cold and even had frozen bits in them – we’ll eat well for a few nights! We played around with the settings, but no go. Left it to “rest” overnight but when we looked at it this morning we could see that there was a leak in the cooling unit. Major repair which requires taking the fridge out… we are waiting for a phone call from the RV shop so that we can schedule the repair.

Do we stay or do we go? Our thoughts on this have been a whirligig of indecision. If we go we can use the plug in cooler that we normally use for dog food (looks like it will be kibble for you dogs this weekend), and maybe a block of ice in the freezer to cool some drinks.

On the other hand it just seems easier to stay at home and get the trailer ready for the shop. We normally load up the camper will all essentials in the spring and it stays loaded for the summer. To send the camper away from us means grabbing all the stuff that is shared between the house and camper, things like my camera battery charger (why is that the only thing I can think of when I know I’ll miss a million things once it’s not in our laneway?).