Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We’ve Found a Fridge

Cough cough… $$$$ installed! Yikes, yikes and YIKES. These things are mega pricey – just think of the things that you could do with that money that would be much more fun than a fridge. Good news though, the shop thinks they will be able to get it delivered and installed in time for our next trip – keeping fingers crossed.

I’ve been reading a lot this summer and have enjoyed most of the books. I just finished reading “Alice, Let’s Eat” by Calvin Trillin. It was a humorous little book about food and eating. A nice read but not good for the diet! Right now though I’m reading two others that I got from the library – “Last Call at the 7-Eleven” by Kevin Cowherd and “A Day at the Beach” by Helen Schulman. I’m just not getting into either of them. The 7-Eleven one was from the humour section, but honestly I’m just not finding it that funny – maybe because it makes so many digs at people. The other I will continue to give a try since I’m only on page 22 (surely it will capture my attention soon). What do you do when you get a book you just aren’t enjoying? Do you read it anyway (kind of like doing homework)? How many pages do you give it before giving up?

It was raining this morning so I took the opportunity to start working on my digital photo album of Presqu’ile. It is fun to putz around in the software, laying out the pages and adding “embellishments” to them. I’m still pretty much a newbie so do-overs are the norm. This is one of the pages that I’ve done so far. It will probably get re-worked as I layout the rest of the pages.



The pleasures of the last few days – I’m sorry if it’s getting repetitive but so many pleasures are things that we do/experience on a daily basis – remember to keep enjoying them!

  • seeing all the lovely dogs at the dog show. There are so many attractive breeds (and so many that have been wrecked by the show scene as well). I even like seeing the poodles in all their finery. They really prance and carry themselves proudly with their fancy haircuts ;
  • meeting up with old acquaintances and friends – sometimes in unexpected places ;
  • Here’s a repeat – waking up at home and just letting the dogs out rather than having to get dressed and walk them myself. Although getting moving early in the day is probably a good thing ;
  • tomato salads – we’ve been having them at least once a day – paired with a crusty loaf they make a fine meal and are a wonderful taste of summer ;
  • going through the pictures from Presqu’ile and re-living some of our vacation ;
  • seeing the sun peek out of the clouds after a rainy morning. Everything looks so sharp and green. A bad thing about the rain though, our hayfield got cut the other day and it’s had 2 days of rain on it so far. I wonder if the farmer will bother to bale it?


The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.
William James