Saturday, August 13, 2011

We are Here!

We made it safe and sound after an uneventful drive. The house seems so huge after our cramped quarters of the last 23 days but I’m sure we’ll adjust quickly. The dogs were glad to stretch their legs without leashes attached, but they are so exhausted their enthusiasm didn’t last long. They are crashed out on various couches and dog beds now.

As we were tearing down this morning the couple from next door (who we hadn’t met up till now) stopped by to compliment us on our dogs. They were very impressed with how quiet they were (only one little yip heard) and also that when we walk them we don’t let them pee over everyone’s site. I think that might be a big peeve with people… and I don’t blame them… I don’t want dogs peeing and pooping all over my site either. Anyway – it was nice for them to take time out from their day to comment – it kind of made my day :-)

Carm is out working on the pool – after 23 days of no pump and no chemicals it is a bit green…. a bit like the background colour of the blog. I know he’ll get the chemicals all worked out so that we can swim soon. It’s hot and a dip would really refresh. Maybe paired with a lemonade (you thought I was going to say something else!). Then there will be the giant piles of laundry to tackle… much to be done to get the rig ready for the next outing.


When you are here, you are here.
When you are gone, you are gone.
   It isn't a problem to be gone,
      so long as you are really here
         when you're here.

Kent Nerburn,  American Author, Sculptor and Educator