Friday, August 12, 2011

The Last Full Day Here

Tomorrow we leave… in the meantime though we made the most of our last day. It started off with a nice walk up to the lighthouse. As we got back to the truck we ran into a woman we had met a few days earlier – she had her son and his 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. She was so cute we wanted another ridgeback (but then good sense returned!).

Carm made us our last pancake, bacon and eggs breakfast. He is a wizz in the galley when it comes to breakfast.

Then we tried going for a swim… we only got up to our mid-thighs but couldn’t work up the nerve to dunk ourselves at the drop-off. The water was COLD! We turned back to shore where we baked our legs in the sun to change their blue colour back to flesh.

The afternoon was spent with our books, lazing in the sun.

And now I’m drinking our last marg here until next year. Awwwww. We’ll have to keep up the marg tradition once we get home, just so we don’t get depressed over the ending of our vacation of course (so it’s medicinal!).

Tonight we are having a steak dinner, accompanied by a bottle of cold bubbles.

The vacation has been great, and not really as food and booze filled as it has seen from these posts – well, maybe just a bit boozy. I tried on the shorts that I wore coming here – they were tight then, but good news, I can still do them up so I probably haven’t gained THAT much weight. Tomorrow the scales will tell the truth.

Perhaps that is the secret. It is not what we do but so much as why we do it.

George R.R. Martin