Thursday, August 18, 2011

GreekFest 2011

Wednesday afternoon we bundled ourselves into the car and headed into town to meet our Greek friend at Greekfest. We got there around 4pm and were even earlier getting there than the other retired people (read old) that started arriving over the next hour. By 6pm the place was pretty full and when we left at 8pm it was packed.

We had time before the band started to visit with our friend over a pitcher of beer and some Greek appetizers. We continued with our feast (gyros for Carm & I, a sausage for our friend), and a bit more beer to wash it down… The Greek music played, not really in the background as it was loud and we had to shout over it, but it was good ambience. There was lots of people watching… many Greek people come at least once and often many times over the week so we saw lots of old friends greeting each other. There were older ladies in their black, young women in trendy outfits, swarthy young men, babies, and everything in between. It was a gathering of the generations.

We ate too much food… and topped it off with baklava for dessert… talk about overdoing it….



The sweetest of all sounds is praise.