Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Retiree Joins the Ranks Of the Deliriously Happy

From all my happy talk about retirement you would think that I had a horrible job but that wasn’t actually the case. For the most part I enjoyed working and believed in what I was doing. Data Management / Database Design was one way that I described to people what I was doing. It’s close enough but not 100% accurate. Firstly, I was responsible technically for Rochade, a data dictionary/repository. And then I helped the developers to design their data structures in a way that minimized redundancy and maximised for flexibility and reportability. And then I nagged them to create documentation for these data structures so that they could be entered into Rochade. All pretty boring and incomprehensible for anyone not in the field for sure. At times I did feel that there was no real meaning in what I did, after all I wasn’t saving anyone’s life, but I was saving taxpayers dollars – I think/hope.

I had a wonderful time yesterday attending a friend/ex co-worker’s retirement lunch. It was fun to see my old co-workers although they might not have been as happy to see my grinning from ear to ear happy to be retired face!  Chris, Bernard, Jo Ellen and myself were coffee mates, sharing a roasted brew every morning at 8am for years and years. We first lost Bernard 3 years ago, then it was my turn almost 1 year ago (already!) and now with Chris gone it is just a lonely Jo Ellen. She’ll probably follow us pretty soon. 

20111028_church_001church downtown near the old office




20111028_dogs_006When we got home the dogs were wild with joy – they aren’t used to us being away anymore and I think they man (or should I say dog) the window to watch for our return. I wonder if they think we’ve gone away forever?





After some wild running around Spike crashed with his toys.






We had a night of minus 7C so we are really glad that we got the trailer winterized and emptied of freezable stuff. It is supposed to be warm in a few days so we’ll unload all our clothes and linens just in case there are mice (although there are several traps set up).

Last night we watched a really good program about George Harrison’s life. He was an interesting guy with talent in so many fields. One clip showed the Travelling Wilburys recording a song – I didn’t realize that Roy Orbison was part of the group, but it made me want to dig up a few of his songs.

Today we are running around cleaning up the house (a bit) and getting supper ready in the crockpot (Butternut Squash Risotto) cause we are having company over for supper :-) Jo Ellen and Don should be here around 4:30 so we’ll have lots of time for a good jaw before supper is ready. 


Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.
Rabindranath Tagore