Monday, October 31, 2011

Food Freedom Day

Today is the last day of food freedom for a few months. That’s right, I’m back on the Eat 2 Live 6 week plan for at least 6 weeks. Some of the weight I lost last winter has crept back this summer, so…

As a last hurrah we had company for supper on Saturday night, and then went to friends for supper last night.

20111029_Joellen-don_001Jo Ellen – note the Transformer on the counter 20111029_Joellen-don_002and Don the bearer of tempting gadgets


Sunday night Trudie created a real feast for us with venison, home made pasta with a seafood pesto sauce, roasted vegetables, shrimp, and a lovely dessert. I was SO STUFFED that I wished I had worn my bigger jeans! Diet advice often advises to wear tighter fitting clothes to make you more aware of eating too much – I supposed it worked in that I was aware, but it sure didn’t slow me down!


Today we thought of having pancakes for breakfast mainly to try out the homemade maple syrup that Trudie sent home with us but guess what – we were still too full from supper last night!

The website for Eat to Live had a good post a few weeks ago on why certain foods are good for us and how they act on our bodies.  See article here. It is a good reminder that what we eat does more than just fuel the body with calories. We can either help ourselves to stay healthy by eating the right foods or we can just blame fate. 


Saturday night Don brought over his new toy, an  Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 – I immediately fell in love (with the transformer not Don). It is both a netbook with a nice keyboard and then whoosh, the screen releases from the keyboard leaving a tablet with a touch screen. Sweet. It runs Android, is Wi-Fi enabled, and is basically everything I was looking for, except it’s not a phone, nor is it 3G or 4G enabled. But since the smartphone I’ll be getting is able to be a Wi-Fi hotspot we’ll have it all covered. Hopefully Black Friday comes along soon so that we can go shopping :-)


All these devices though leaves me with a question – how can I best integrate the data that I want shared across devices? Are there some programs that I run now that might be replaced by something that lives on both windows and android and that can run in the cloud? I hate double entry and am already doing enough due to coordinating between programs that do not talk to each other – not one program will do everything that I want and by moving to three devices I’ll be complicating things something fierce! Maybe the Google Docs & Calendar will be my answer – I’ll have to give up on some of the best of breed functionality that I get with my suite of windows products… more analysis required!


Spike after a bath – he was muddy from head to toe after playing by the pond!


Happy Tails Trails!