Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grace Has Friends Over

Yes, it was Grace’s turn to see her friends (and as a bonus I got to see mine too!). Carm got me all set up at Riverside and then headed to so that I could entertain friends. Ruth came over in the afternoon for an evening of visiting and laughs. It was so nice to see her and really get to gab. I think the birds had fun too although they were all yawning this morning – maybe nobody got a good sleep.


Ruth is one of my bird friends. I met her when she came to buy a baby timneh from our very first clutch – they were very special to us – she played with the babies for a bit but they were still too young to go home. Finally the day came for her to pick up her new baby. I was at work so Carm was handling the transaction. It was a clutch of three and of course she chose the oldest one which was my favourite. Carm called me at work to let me know and I cried at my desk. Letting go of babies, whether birds or horses was always worth a few tears. I got so attached to them. But at the same time it was so rewarding to see them go to new, excited homes. Anyway, long story made even longer – we ended up keeping in touch and when the time came for me to find a hand-feeder for the next clutch Ruth was the one.


She was an excellent feeder and care-giver, giving the little bappies all the love and care that I would have. It wasn’t long before we were really good friends too, so that now even though there are no more babies, we remain friends. Some people are just special like that.



There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a
miracle. The other is as if everything is.
Albert Einstein

Baby parrots (bappies) are one of those miracles!