Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

I’ll be honest – I shed a few tears today as we packed up from our last camping trip of the season. Sure, we just MIGHT get out one more time, but our regular campground is closed for the season leaving just one open in the area. IF the weather is great we may make it out, but I’m not counting on it.

The last week has been amazing – an Indian Summer to remember. Yesterday was a record high of 27C, that’s about 84F in October! Unbelievable! Normal temps are around 13C (about 56F). It’s been so warm that most trees aren’t even changing their colours – the leaves are just falling off without their blush of red and orange.

There ain't nothing better in this world you know, than laying in the sun with the radio – sunny days, oh sunny sunny days…




We still had one free pass into Upper Canada Village so yesterday, after a lovely walk with the dogs, and pancakes, bacon & eggs outside on the picnic table we headed over to UCV. Despite the rather large number of people there we were able to walk around and view the exhibits at our leisure. The day was just stunning (have I said that yet?). Of course we picked up a loaf of their wonderful bread and enjoyed probably our last tomato salad of the season with thick slices of wood oven baked bread. Then time for a sit down in the sun till it was time to fire up the bbq for some great steaks. All in all a perfect last full day of camping.



Crank alert on – what is it with people and their dogs? They are either on flexi-leads at full length twisting around peoples legs (at UCV), or they are loose (at the campground). We had two loose dogs come up to us this weekend when we were out for our walks. It was no big deal, but luckily my dogs (except Spike) aren’t too violent about interlopers. And the barking... lets just say that some people seem to be deaf to their own dogs. It really rots my socks as surely someday dogs will be disallowed because of these jerks  people who have no control of their dogs. Argggh! 


Oh yeah – the rearrange of the furniture, and removal of the black chair really made the interior functional even with Grace’s huge cage. Since we only used that chair once this summer it may be permanently exiled! This is the nice thing about having some of the rv furniture reconfigurable – we can really set things up to fit our specific requirements. All that to say – I LOVE OUR CAMPER! take that bigger campers that sometimes try to seduce…