Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Office Building

We headed into town this morning for a dentist appointment for me and a visit with his mom for Carm. My dentist is in my old office building so it was a bit like a step back in time – yuck – if I  never had to see the building again I’d be happy!

It is funny to visit it though as they are renovating the 3 commercial levels, which they have been doing for a few years... I don’t know what they are thinking, but it’s weird. The new entrance is just strange – a big glass atriumish area that abuts onto a big wall of nothing. You have to weave through these narrow hallways to get anywhere. I should have taken a few photos but I was dumbstruck!

The good thing though is I met Jo Ellen for lunch. As always it is great to catch up with her, and even hear a bit of gossip from the office. I do miss some of the people. But as we parted company I turned around to leave the building with a big smile on my face…

One lady from work stopped to say hi. We talked a bit about retirement and how great it is. She was saying that she doesn’t understand her mother-in-law still doing her grocery shopping on a Saturday. Jo Ellen mentioned that the parking lots are still full during the week to which I added – and they are all really slow moving retired people – no rush to get anywhere so they dawdle along. (no offence meant to anyone of course). I had to laugh later when we shopped at Costco. Sure enough, a fullish parking lot and lots of slow people in the store. We are still zoomers – especially Carm who gets frustrated and has to pass with his cart. Maybe we will slow down someday, but we aren’t there yet!

Here’s a few pleasures for the last few days:

Basking in the sun in October ; eating breakfast outside in October ; reading on the swing in October ; biting into a perfectly ripe banana, even better when paired with partially defrosted blueberries. It’s hard to beat a breakfast that good (okay, pancakes win for sure, but if you are trying to be good…) ;

watching Kabira go crazy and run and run and run ; watching Spike try his hardest to keep up to Kabira even though he has no chance at all but my oh my he tries his little heart out ;


while we are on the dog topic though – not so much pleasure was had bathing Spike who rolled in something smelly (something skunk) ; buying a learn to Sketch book – I can’t wait to start learning, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so it might be a good time to start ; eating crispy turkey skin ; the smell of turkey cooking in the oven ;

hot bath ; getting caught up on all the blogs that I read – a week away from my computer is a long time! ; coming home after a long camp – I love to be away and can hardly wait for the next camp, but every time I step into our great room after a time away I am reminded how much I love our house ; seeing all the trees changing colour on our drive into town ; here’s one of Carm’s pleasures – cutting the grass for the last time in 2011 (although slightly bittersweet – it does mean winter is coming…) ;

I guess I could go on and on – LIFE IS GOOD! What are your pleasures? Do you enjoy every minute or do you live on autopilot (which I tend to do)?