Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If It Be Your Will

It was just a bit cool out, with a stiff breeze tossing the branches of the trees around. I packed up the table and chairs on the deck but decided that it was nice enough to enjoy a few hours out on the swing. I started out listening to music – Leonard Cohen – but got too depressed. Some find it strange but I don’t usually find Leonard’s stuff dirge like – it usually makes me want to dance – not today though. So I changed the music to something up beat for a while and then picked up my book, “The Edible Woman” by Margaret Atwood.


After listening to “Waiting for the Miracle” I had to look up “If it Be Your Will” sung by Antony. This version was on the documentary “I’m Your Man” that we saw a few years ago. It really touched me – he really added a pleading, haunting sound to it. Check it out on YouTube  http://youtu.be/1MDlMdu2gjw

I read “The Edible Woman” over 25 years ago and thought that it would be time for another read. Well, I’m past the 80th page and haven’t remembered a thing! My memory seems to have given up on me for these types of things. The good news is that I can re-read books from my own library as if they were brand new… scary eh!

Grace even got outside for an hour or two this morning but then the wind picked up (I could see it ruffling her feathers) so I took her in before she froze – I haven’t figured out how to convince her that a sweater would be a good idea ;-)


Tonight we will finally have our Thanksgiving supper – Turkey breast with all the fixings, although there will be a big cheat with “Stove Top Stuffing”. I tried it a few years back when making turkey dinner on the camper – I simply did not have the space to make real stuffing so I tried the boxed kind. It’s actually not too bad, although nothing like the real thing…

I saved the rest of the turkey (uncooked) for the dogs. Turkey is a great deal for raw feeding when we can get it for $0.99 lb. – I save the breast for us making the rest of the turkey almost free – good cheap dog food!


Trees love to toss and sway; they make such happy noises.
Emily Carr