Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally Something Good that Grace will Eat


It is a drizzly day here so it seemed like a good day to put away some food for the winter. I’m not skilled enough to actually “can” things, plus I’m way too scared for that but we did get some things put away into the freezer. Most of the credit goes to Carm as he chopped up the giant butternut squash, cut up and roasted the red peppers, while I just made soup and a version of the butternut squash risotto for Grace.

It turns out Grace just loves the squash dish that I made last week so since it is reasonably healthy I made a batch just for her. I added some extra carrot and 4 red peppers to add another dimension of health, but otherwise the recipe was the same. We all did a taste test – Grace, Carm and I. YUM it was good and had a nice hot overtone from the hot pepper that I got from my friend Christina (thanks!). Grace wanted to be fed spoonful's like a baby, tipping her head back for the spoon. Once was cooled I froze it in batches. Getting her to eat healthy meals can be a challenge – she’s a junk food gal – so this brown rice dish will be good to have on hand (and will be a good snack for us in a pinch!).20111013_graces-food_002

Cooking is an amazing thing isn’t it – just this morning there was a pile of raw vegetables and dry rice – a few hours later a tasty meal – it’s like magic!




This afternoon we headed back over to the farmer’s garden to get more butternut squash. It’s so cheap this time of year and I can use it in so many recipes over the winter and as a bonus it’s full of good nutrients. I just wish I had a cold storage room.

Remember yesterday I mentioned buying a learn to sketch kit from Costco… well… I forgot how frustrated I get when things don’t come easily to me. But! I will make myself persevere – it will be good for personal growth! The first lesson was to take a basic shape (circle, oval, etc.) and use it as a basis for a sketch of something around you. As you can see I was at the kitchen island where pineapples, pears, and Grace’s slow cooker rice were around me. Hummmm… More practice required!

20111013_sketch_002 20111013_sketch_001


Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
Frank Lloyd Wright

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  1. Trying something new is always fun, but sometimes frustrating. I'm learning to edit movies right now.