Friday, October 21, 2011

Burps from Bubbles

We ended up picking up a couple of t-bone steaks yesterday so of course as soon as we got home a bottle of bubbles was put in the fridge. I don’t know what it was about this one but it went straight to my head and also gave me lots of burps – oh my. At one point I had the slightly tipsy realization, “Here we are drinking bubbles and tomorrow is a work day” - we both had a good laugh :-)


I’ve been thinking (not very seriously) of getting a new camera. I’m not always happy with the quality of the photos that my current one takes (Cannon Powershot SD940IS), although it is so nice and small that I have it with me almost all the time. The woman who writes Me and My Dog blog just got a new one that seems to take great photos (Nikon Coolpix S9100). She got it at Costco in the states but I don’t see it on the Canadian site. Hers has an 18x zoom, but the closest model at Costco has a 10x zoom, which I guess might be good enough. Here is a review of the S9100 from Steve’s Digicam. Maybe her photos look so much better than mine because she’s in all these great locations?


Try # 2, not any better, maybe even worse. I’ll keep trying though!

Pleasures? Aside from the bubbles - Looking at the big pile of fresh produce on the kitchen counter. Two big bags of peppers ready to be blackened and peeled, two pineapples, one ready to cut up today, lots of tomatoes, two huge butternut squash – I see  a squash risotto in our future, a few pears and oranges, a couple of sweet onions, some hot peppers, bananas (always bananas) and a big bag of white kidney beans – lots of healthy eating. ; getting a bit of clean up done in the basement – I now have a huge pile of magazines and really ancient books for recycle plus two shopping bags of horse magazines for a friend – I’m not finished by any means but even one step forward is a step in the right direction (and I crossed another thing off my task list – maybe it is working!). ; looking at the evening sky as it goes pink and beautiful – the photo is from the gate looking across the road. ;


Happy Trails!