Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Drive

The forecast called for another beautiful day so we decided that we’d go for a nice drive, with the goal of ending up at Voyageur Provincial Park.

The dogs were excited to hear we were going for a car ride – Spike practically jumped into my arms to be lifted into the truck. The other two had to be held back to wait their turn for safe entry. Kabira lies down and goes to sleep almost immediately, Bella watches out one window, and Spike watches out the other. The poodles are such tourists.


We took back roads, driving through several little towns and villages. Each town had a large Catholic church, often with a statue of the Virgin Mary. It is very French Canadian in this part of Ontario. 

20111102_church_001 20111102_church_005

After about two hours we arrived at Voyageur. We’ve been wanting to check out this park for a long time, but summer is always so busy and until this year weekends are too precious. We walked around the park for about an hour, only seeing one section – it’s a pretty big park well spread out with good roads joining the areas. The dogs were pretty excited to be somewhere new – I was glad that we brought their prong collars.


The park is nice, but not what either of us had pictured, but I guess that is to be expected in November with all the leaves off the trees – it seemed kind of rundown and sad. We walked around the electric sites, noting which ones would fit our rig. There are a few nice sites along the river (?) or maybe it’s just a swamp, not really sure. At this point I can’t see booking a week or two, but maybe we’ll go mid-week for a few days next summer.



When we finished our walk we had a little snack (apples & walnuts) then headed onto the highway for the fast route home. Just a little side trip to the No Frills for some apples and grapes, and we were home, tired and satisfied (and just a little hungry!)

Oh and I almost forgot – it was 17C (63F) this afternoon!

Happy Tails Trails