Saturday, November 19, 2011

Testing Inserting a Photo


Yes, I'm still playing around with my prun. As it stands I've abandoned the Polaris Office as they introduced a bug with the last firmware update. I've downgraded my requirements and making Google Docs work - it's less buggy (it seems). Now I've tried attaching my camera to download a few photos. I've figured out how to crop (easy) and now have to find out about resizing and then attaching into my blog post. Although I love Windows Live Writer, I'd like to be able to do the whole shebang when my laptop is not so readily available (like when I visit New Zealand).

What it doesn't let you do is layout your photos where you want, but sticks them in a photo bar.

Do you think I'm expecting too much from this little Android tablet? (oh yeah, no spell check anywhere - which is a big drag for me - I'm the worst speller!).


So there you have it, it just inserts the photos right in a row. Pretty stunned I would say… Unfortunately I can’t find any better Blog editor on Android.

And I think I’ll have to find a better program for resizing photos – this one seems to do a pretty rough job (see second photo), or it could be just a lousy photo taken with my prun.

We had a nice break yesterday from all things computer with a visit from friends Laurie & Kelly. I met Laurie in 1997 on a horse forum. I saw from her signature that she was from the same village as I’m in so sent her an email. Well, it turns out she lives just around the corner from us, had 3 horses, and her father used to raise Irish Wolfhounds (we had an Irish Wolfhound, Max, at the time) so we had lots in common. We arranged to meet for lunch in a little restaurant and quickly became friends.

How many people do you know that have or had Irish Wolfhounds? Not many I’d bet, but since I’ve had mine I’ve met 4 other woman that have had them in their lives – and not through dog shows either. One though birds, 3 through horses. Pretty strange eh!

Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.
Robert Browning