Thursday, November 10, 2011

Software Fun

I'm still setting up the environment for my new prun (productivity unit). Today was spent trying to get Google maps to work but it was hard to test as I was experimenting with offline access. Then I turned my sights onto recipes and menu planning. I am currently run Big Oven on my laptop which is great - I can enter recipes to create my own cookbooks (really handy for camping), however, I am having trouble upgrading to the newest version and am getting a "catastrophic error" message - not good!

Why all this effort? Cause I'm not one to do something with a paper and pencil when an expensive computer system can do the job almost as well!

We did have a break from all this computer geek stuff though - Spike's breeder Dawn came over for a most enjoyable lunch. Spike get’s so excited to see her – it’s amazing that he remembers her so well as we brought him home at 9 weeks. No visiting puppies this time though.

And now I'm back scratching my head at a few other problems:

  • why won't all my Google calendar calendar's show up in the Calendar Touch program. It claims to manage multiple calendars but no matter what I do I can only get two particular ones to show up.
  • how can I edit a draft blog post using Windows Live Writer? I thought I’d done just that yesterday, but now can’t find a way to download that draft post from Blogger.
  • there's still the Big Oven thing
  • more to come tomorrow…

My brain needed a bit of a workout!