Tuesday, November 29, 2011

While the Cat is Away the Mice Bark

I'm sitting at the airport waiting for Carm's plane to land. He was away in Toronto for a day, giving a presentation to IT types. I'm sure it was fun for him. Not so much fun for me though. The dogs drive me crazy when Carm's not home. They keep a close look out the window in case he suddenly appears in the laneway. Every noise elicits a barking shouting frenzy as the dogs run through the house, shouting at the top of their lungs. What are they saying I wonder? I always imagine that they are shouting 'Intruder Alert' - God help anyone who did intrude. Kabira, the African Lion Hunting Dog, leads the pack, her barks and growls are louder than the rest. Ridgebacks were bred not only to hunt lions, but also to guard the hunter and his family. I would feel well looked after if they didn't alert at every little sound, actual or imagined. As it is they just make it impossible to sleep.

This is only the second or third time I've been in the "new" airport. It's nice, not so shabby as the old one and it has free Wi-Fi! So I'm getting to use my prun yet again. Pretty cool to be able to surf the internet and write my blog while sitting around an airport. (I'm easily amused)

Airports are funny places. There are so many different kinds of people condensed in a small area. Just a few feet away from me are two business men talking about the next meetings to come. (Ah yes, I remember meetings from my old working days - do not miss). There is a lady with 3 kids in tow who has been waiting for about the same length of time as me - she looks like she's meeting her husband. There are other people that look like wives or girlfriends, and even a few men hanging around. How long has their person been away? Is it just a day like me or maybe they are coming back from weeks or even months away. There's an anticipation of reunion no matter the duration of separation.

There was lots of mindless television over the last day - no CNN darkened the airways at our place. Thanks to the PVR I had a selection of "Big Bang Theory", old movies (I watched one called The Big Hangover with Elizabeth Taylor), and dog TV. I even watched an episode of Prince$$, where a financial person helps to get a young woman thinking in a more fiscally responsible way - imagine being 30 and already have $35,000 worth of consumer debt - yikes. I think it is great that there are so many programs like this to hopefully help some people to avoid the credit pitfalls.