Friday, November 18, 2011

Larose Forest

20111118_larose-forest_007It started out as a drive into the village to do some shopping, but once the purchases were made neither of us wanted to head back home so instead we did one of our favourite things – go for a drive. Today’s drive took us on new routes and some that we hadn’t been on for almost 20 years. We ended up driving through the Larose Forest, a huge conservation area with lots of small roads and trails. We will go back with the dogs on the next nice day.

We had a dim recollection of an old cemetery being on one of the side roads, so when we saw one that looked just right we turned down it. It was only one car wide and quickly turned from gravel to sand. But… sure enough a little ways down was the cemetery that we remembered. There is also the foundation for a church that served the little community of Grant that has long since gone. I guess at some point the settlers just gave up – it was too hard to make a life on that sour land. All that remains are the footings for a tiny little church and a handful of gravestones.


you can just make out the small stones that were the footings for this tiny church


20111118_larose-forest_018this stone just says “Father”

I've been so wrapped up with the frustrations of technology that I've been forgetting my pleasures. So today I made an effort to be aware and more mindful. So what did I come up with? Well, for the last few weeks I've been taking the dogs for a 10 minute walk around the property as soon as I get up in the morning. That's a refreshing start to my day. And the dogs have fun too - instead of just out for a quick p, they get to run and play for a few minutes. I think they enjoy their breakfast more too - today they each got a raw egg - what's not to enjoy!


Happy Tails Trails

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