Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Bridge over Troubled Waters

Spike was out on the road again Friday night. So after the dogs got their hair cuts, Saturday afternoon found me outside getting the electric fence powered up. Once that was working I hooked it up to the gate... With Carm's help we did a setup - I took Kabira on the other side of the gate and we ran and played - sure enough Spike couldn't resist and he scootched under the gate. Whether he got shocked or not is unclear, but he wouldn't go back near the gate. Just to make sure Carm pushed him right against the gate. He was certainly shocked then. He skulked back to the house and we both felt TERRIBLE - but it would be far worse if he were hit by a car.

When we were outside Sunday he kept his distance from the gate, even when I took Kabira out. Fingers crossed. Now I just have to make sure I remember to turn it off when we aren't out there just in case we shock a visitor! That's one sure way to keep door-to-door salespeople away.

I caught the tail end of "My Fair Lady" on Sunday afternoon - oh how I love a musical! I love how they'll be having a conversation and someone will burst into song - I often feel like doing the same - it's too bad I can't carry a tune. Why aren't there any new movies with dancing and singing? Such sweet, innocent entertainment. Not a gun or explosion to be seen.

It was a beautiful day today – 17C (!) - but we only drove to Casselman for some groceries. I brought my prun along for the ride. It's a bit heavy to drag around but I guess it's still new and novel enough to lug it. I find that I like writing a bit of my blog as we are driving around  - there's the novelty thing again. Having a keyboard on this things makes it pretty easy to write on.

Since I don't have my smartphone yet I'm unconnected unless I've got a Wi-Fi connection. It is a bit of a pain when out and about and wanting Google maps. It caches a certain amount into memory, but you can't load new bits as we are driving – until I get my new smartphone that is ;-) The GPS works just fine though.

While we were out we stopped at Canadian Tire and bought a bread maker. Now I know we should be eating less wheat products, but the fact is Carm is a bread-a-holic, so we figured we could at least make healthier loaves. I love making bread, but it's such a time killer that I don't always (often) get the homemade loaves made. I guess it's not hard to guess what we did as soon as we got home - yup that's right get our first loaf of bread whizzing away in the machine. I didn’t plan it well though as we will be eating supper really late now – just cause it’s in a machine doesn’t mean it rises and cooks any faster.


Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body.
Joseph Addison