Monday, November 21, 2011

Writing on the Futon

It's been a pretty lazy last couple of days, yesterday cloudy, today sunny. We have managed to get out a few times with the dogs, but other than that there has just been a lot of reading.
Right now (Monday afternoon at 2:20) I am 1/2 sitting, 1/2 lying on the futon with dogs all around me, the sun is shining on me, but not in my face. It is really rather lovely. I might finish writing this and have a nap, or maybe I'll have some lunch first (homemade minestrone soup). I do feel like I should get busy with something, but the sunspot is just too comfortable. At the very least I should clean some of the dog nose prints off the window so I get a better view from my current vantage point. Or maybe they aren't nose prints at all but are instead nose-paintings, artistic expressions of canine viewpoints.
I've done some more playing around with files, updating them on my pc and my prun using google docs and that's working just fine. I do like the Polaris word processor better though so as soon as they've fixed that table bug I'll start using it again (being sure to keep a regular backup in non polaris format just in case).
Oh - sun just peeked around the corner to the west window - now it's in my eyes so I guess it's time to end.

(later) I may have just fubared this post as I tried to edit it in Live Writer but got an error, so then tried blogger in my brower. That didn't work very well so I'm back to the blogger app - it's added html codes into the text... and it looks like it has rotated one of the photos. Oh how I love technology!

(later still) Updated it again in Blogger on my pc. Removed extra codes, the duplicate photos, and the photo that it rotated.