Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Clouds have Cleared

It is 2:30 in the afternoon - the rain has finally stopped and the clouds are mostly gone so I am outside squinting at my tablet. I can barely see the screen so this will be a short post and one with possible typos.

It is great that we can finally be outside. With the rain and cold people hunker down in their trailers so we don't get to do much socializing. We don't know anyone well enough to invite them over to our place, plus you have to see them to invite them!

We skipped the pancake breakfast this morning - the diet actually won out over heaps of hot pancakes and reams of greasy bacon and sausage. Next on the food marathon- pot luck. I'm bringing the Sesame Lime Green Beans - Carm's going to cook the green beans on the bbq using the grill that Mom and Dad got us for Christmas. It's worked great for asparagus and zucchini so should do a crack up job on the green beans. I like them roasted/grilled so much more than steamed.

Oh, about cooking - I brought down Black Bean Quinoa burgers for two nights. This time I added the zest of one lime to the quinoa when I cooked it. They were FANTASTIC! Even better than without the lime. This recipe is perhaps a 6 out 5 star ;-) We like it as much as a beef hamburger. And it is fat free and full of protein.

Yesterday we didn't do much, aside from walking the dogs till they dropped (hummm maybe that's why my legs are so tired today!). After supper Carm went over to the campfire but I wasn't really in the mood so stayed in for a quiet night. And that was okay.

Have I mentioned the train? It runs right through the site next to us - at least that's how it sounds in the middle of the night! There must be a crossing nearby too cause it blows and blows and blows that whistle. The funny thing is I didn't really notice it the first night or two... There are other strange sounds here, although none of them as loud. Yesterday morning, before the crack of dawn I heard a rooster crowing, and every day throughout the day we hear this strange call - it took me a while and then I recognized it as a peacock. We saw him this afternoon - a beautiful blue bird with a huge tail. He is quite the fellow. Oh - there's the rooster again. Later in the day - after the pot luck: ummmm lots of yummy food. I did have 1/2 plate of green salad without dressing, but the rest... let's just say there was nothing vegan about it! It was fun and we met more people. I'm going to hand this over to Carm for the final edit, but before I do I have to mention the congregation of men at the end of our site. It seems that someone's truck is having trouble and men seem to have radar for this sort of thing and they emerge from their trailers like, well, I can't think of what - Stepford wives/men I guess.


  1. If it was a computer problem, Craig would be right there!

  2. I have to laugh at your late night train noises. I've camped here and there between Ottawa and PEI and EVERY camping site was near a train track. Every night there was the rumbling of the train(s) on the tracks, though not necessarily whistle blowing. Of course, you hear a lot more sleeping in a tent than in a house ;-)