Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm at my parent's house, waiting till it is time to go to the airport to pick up Kirsten and the girls. I'm tucked into bed right now, hoping to catch a few zzz's before it is time to go pick them up. Their flight is running late though, they might not get here until tomorrow - maybe I should have stayed in my own bed!

It is strange sleeping over here. I never lived in this house, so it isn't really home, but it is where my parents are so it is one of my homes. None of the bedrooms were ever mine, right now I'm sleeping in what was Olaf's room, now labeled the blue room, or the harley room (tons of harley davidson stuff). It's nice, but I miss my own room. And I'll admit that I miss my little dog Spike. Oh, and Carm, although right now I'd be in bed asleep and he'd be out in the great room watching TV.

My mom has been going crazy getting the house ready for tons of company. Right now (11:10 pm) she is vaccuming the living room. It is amazing the amount of energy she has!

Nap time... zzzzzzzzz