Saturday, June 23, 2012

To the Theatre

Last night was great fun at the performance of "Hotbed Hotel" put on by Upper Canada Playhouse. It was very well done, and funny to boot. The theatre is small, but nicely laid out with tiered seating and air conditioning. We'll be sure to attend another performance here. And since it is only 45 minutes from home it's not that much further than going into the city.

Carm and I have never been to the theatre together, just the ballet once or twice and a few concerts. We don't get out much! And aren't very cultured.

Today has been a beautiful day with sunny skies and comfortable temps. Sitting under the shade of the big trees on our site is very pleasant - and as a bonus my internet works there as well. The weather was perfect for a few long walks.

The park has filled up as it is a Quebec long weekend and many of the parks patrons are Quebecors. With so many people it isn't surprising, although it is disappointing, to see so many people blatantly disregarding the rules for dogs. Already we've seen two people not pick up (unfortunately we were too far away to offer bags), and we've seen some loose dogs as well. Including two huge (150lb+) Leonburgers who burst out from under a  trailer at us as we went by. Luckily the owners were standing there managed to grab the dogs as they were CHARGING towards us. Goodness only knows what would have happened if they hadn't been caught. They most certainly did not look or act friendly. I guess the leash rules were not meant for them... It makes my blood boil again just to write about it - just one of those dogs weighed more than the three of mine put together. We wouldn't have stood a chance.

There is enough bad sentiment about dogs - we don't need a bunch of idiots to make it worse. We try very hard to keep our dogs as good citizens, it isn't always easy - they'd like to bark sometimes - but we work hard at it. I guess we do a good enough job as we often get neighboring campers make a point of approaching us to tell us how good our dogs are.  Last year at Presquille the neighbors behind us (who we had not met) ran over to us as we were hitching up to leave to let us know that they appreciated our dogs. They also mentioned that they like that we don't let our dogs walk and pee all over everyone's site. The year before at Presquille again, we had an older couple pull in beside us. It was a tight spot so they were pretty close. After sharing a lot line for 3 weeks they came over before they left to tells us again what good neighbors we were. Jack said that when they pulled in and saw the fence and three dogs he groaned and expected it to be a bad time. He ended this recollection by telling us that he was greatly releved to find out there was nothing to worry about. It is great to hear :-)

Supper was spent with Trudie & Leo, this time it was our turn to cook. I made salmon with quinoa and preserved lemon green beans. They might be getting tired of our low cal fare - she brought delishous maple syrup tarts. We finished the evening with a campfire (no marshmallows though). Pictures to follow tomorrow!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as we are.