Saturday, June 2, 2012


The cruise was great. We sat with 2 couples that we had never spent any time with (Leslie & Don, Carol & Tim) which is great cause now we know a few more people. Both couples are from Ontario (one not too far from us), but both of them spend their winters down in Texas - "deep in the heart of Texas"! Carm and I think about it, but we've never gotten past the excuses of what to do with the house while we are gone. I guess we just aren't ready to make the trip - some day though we will. 

The cruise was for dinner, and also featured an entertaining performer - some of his stuff was sort of dress up karaoke (just him though, no audience participants thank goodness!) and then dancing at the end. It was fun, but we should have done more dancing!

The boat took us through the Thousand Islands, including Trident Yacht club where my parents kept their sail boat years ago. It's too bad it was raining as the only photo I could get was the raindrops on the window...

I did pretty good anxiety wise... although I did stress about the dogs somewhat. And then it seemed like the boat hadn't turned around by 9pm - I was close to having a panic attack at that point, but then the waitress came around for last call and said we were just 1/2 hour from docking. The tension just melted from my body. I would love to find someone who stayed back to ask if they heard anything, but the people from all the campers near us were on the cruise, and it rained most of the evening so no one would have been out and about, or even had their windows open. So I'll never know! It might be time to set up the webcam to do some remote spying as there were some cushions mysteriously rearranged - just who was up on the couch!

The rain stopped mid morning today so I got out for about an hour with the dogs. I would have walked more but the dogs were lagging and Spike was really dragging. I even carried him for a bit (hey - he weights 27lbs! so I didn't carry him far). I'm not sure if he's feeling well, or it could just be that he's out of shape and carrying some extra weight. They were at the vet last week and every single one of them had gained over 10% of their body  weight. They are porkers like me! I've had the benefit of time on the treadmill but they haven't... I guess I'll have to start walking without them (how weird is that!).

Since it is a cloudy, windy, cool day there hasn't been much socializing... we've just been inside reading and taking it easy. Despite the weather Grace has spent much of her day outside. We can hear her talking and whistling away - a sure sign that she's happy. She gets pretty darn cranky when she's stuck in her little inside cage for very long (and I can't really blame her - it's small and dark). Yesterday I got her outside for just a short while, just enough for her to know she didn't really want to be outside - it stops her from biting me when I bring her back in!

I keep meaning to tell you about my pant size experience a few days ago. I've shrunk enough that I didn't really have any shorts to wear so we went shopping and I ended up getting a size 10 short - I'm not a size 10! The next day I found an old (and they must be from ancient history) pair that were size 13 - so of course I tried them on. I couldn't even do them up!!! Talk about today's sizes being vanity sizes. What does that say about our population when a size 14 is now labeled a 10? Is everyone really that much bigger? Anyway, I folded those 13's up and tucked them away to be tried on "later" when I'm closer to my goal. I wonder how long ago I wore those shorts? (and as a side note - you can see how "good" I am at clearing out old clothes... I think they were found in a bin of clothes that we took to the salvation army this winter... I guess being an optimist (or delusional) that I saved them for when I'd fit into them again!)

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Saturday as much as I am.