Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That's the Last of It for a Year

We have lucked out with another beautiful day - the sun is strong, but the breeze is slightly cool. Perfect for our hour long walk this morning. I would have gone further, but the dogs were starting to lag - I've got to toughen them up! Carm was lucky enough to join some other gentlemen to go golfing. A camping trip with golf is a good camping trip (in Carm's eyes... me too as it is nice to just chill by myself for a while).

No chilling today though, I met a few ladies on my walk and stopped for a short visit, and then once we were home another lady (Ilene) with her little poodle bichon mix Monty stopped to talk so I quickly invited her in for a coffee and visit. We hit it right off, and after touring each other's campers (mine is the little cottage to her giant palace) a few hours had passed and it was time to part ways. Spike had fun meeting a new friend, but was so tuckered out from the long walk it wasn't long before he was asleep under the picnic table!

Tonight was the final farewell steak dinner. It seems unbelievable that a week has gone by! All that's left now is to pack up and go tomorrow morning.

We have spent a lot of time walking around the park exploring  the little roads that wind through it. It is a lovely park - the owners obviously take great pride in it. I think we will book an extra week next year.

I don't know though how cut out I am for this sort of thing. I'm not shy, but have trouble just barging into a group that has already congregated. I guess it wouldn't hurt me to get over it and just do it! Most of the people here are so social and seem like such naturals...

Till tomorrow when we are safe and sound at home!