Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sitting here...

Tuesday - On the 401. Sitting stock still. The truck driver behind us just came over and knocked on our door - apparently the road will be closed for a few hours... he thinks there was an accident involving propane tanks. Carm thinks we can get across the verge... we'll see.

A few minutes later - we made it and are now driving back to the next exit so we can take the detour. Hurrah.

Monday we drove to Lancaster to the Rob McIntosh outlet - tons of good deals on china and glassware. I could have purchased a few dish sets, but Carm was with me to put the brakes on... plus I have nowhere to store them. But there was this one with pink roses that I totally loved. There was a shoe outlet as well, but they were all high end shoes and the ones I liked were over $100... I can't spend that on a sandal.

Tuesday we decided to drive to Valleyfield to look at a Big Country camper. It was just past Lancaster (dooh - why hadn't I checked before Monday's trip), but since it was just 1.25 hours, and it was raining, it seemed like a drive was a good way to spend the time. Now, you might ask why were were going to see another camper. Hummm, I can't really answer that, except to say  that every now and then we get the urge to get a bigger camper. Insane! But ours is a 2004, so if we want to change in the next few years we pretty much have to do it now as many places won't take anything 10 years or older. If we go south for a few months we might want something bigger, but then again maybe what we have is big enough. We'd like a bigger fridge, or a place to put a small fridge, but maybe we can make do with the little electric cooler. It would be nice for Grace to have a bigger inside cage, but maybe we can work that out with the current camper.

The thing about the new campers is they all have dark wood, dark flooring, dark fabrics/curtains (except the one in Trois Riviere that I like). They really aren't my style, but I'd redo the curtains, make slipcovers for the furniture, so it would be okay.

On our way to the RV store we stopped at a little greasy spoon in Lancaster called the Perch. We each had a hamburger and a mountain of fries. Oh my. Healthy eating has pretty much gone out the window this trip. I think that bad food is addictive - after indulging in the bad, I have more cravings for it. When I'm being careful the cravings aren't there.

Today is Wednesday and the weather is a bit better, but it is still windy and a bit cool. We went for a short walk this morning - short because I did something to my shins by wearing rubber boots for a few walks. I thought some walking would make it better, but it just got worse and worse. Which is a shame because today was a perfect day for a long walk - maybe even at the Bird Sanctuary. Drat. And I was antsy for a walk all day.

Just three days till we see Kirsten and the girls!

I've been putting Spike through his tricks to get him back in practice.  He loves doing his tricks (or is it that he loves the hotdog treats that they earn him?). I need to figure out something new to teach him. Here's what he knows now: sit, down, stand, come (usually!), dance, spin, play dead, roll over, jump over my leg, jump through my arms, jump over Bella, finish (go to heel at my side), swing (go to heel at my side), walk thru my legs, tissue (get a kleenex), bring water (bring a bottle of water), bring shoe (this was a mistake), bow, around (around an obstacle), find it (find a toy or Carm), mat (go to a mat and lie down). He also knows how to open a door using the handicap button, and how to press the elevator button, put his feet on my lap. I'm sure I've missed some things. He's a smart little dog! Any ideas of other things I could teach him?
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo

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