Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Got a Charge out of His Visit

Dad called the other morning to see if he could drop by for a coffee. When he got there I immediately saw the reason for his visit - It was bright cherry red and really fast. You've probably already guessed that he had a new Dodge Charger that he wanted us to see. My dad has always liked to share the joy of his toys so it wasn't long before we were all belted into the car and driving down the road with Carm at the helm. That car has amazing pickup so of course when it was my time to drive my foot stomped down to make it roar. I looked over at my dad and said "I would never have a car like this!". I love the feeling of being pushed back into my seat. Of course our truck is nothing like this, but, it is fun to goose - I have to be really mindful of the gas consumption and try to drive conservatively.

Supper last night was back to the Bierstube for some German fare. Trudie and Leo have friends that they meet down there every year and were kind enough to invite us to tag along. Carm had the usual schnitzel, but I had smoked pork hock. Yum! I wasn't sure what it would be like and wondered what I was getting myself into, but it was really very tasty.

This morning after a slow start we got onto the road to Riverside. I wore my bathing suit under my shorts so that I could hose myself off once we got all set up. It was that HOT. We should have a fun week - Trudie and Leo are in the next site, and already we've had an excellent meal and evening. I wonder how much weight I will gain back this week?