Friday, June 1, 2012

Rideau Acres 2012 - Day 1, just a bit of rain

Here we are... enjoying ourselves at the Titanium Rally. We arrived yesterday afternoon after a uneventful drive down the 401. Traffic was lighter, despite a few places of construction. The campground was dry this year, unlike last year when it was underwater, so set up was easy. Then it was time to visit. Some people we remembered from last year, but new connections were also made. I decided before we came that I wasn't going to sit in the camper feeling awkward and shy, this year I am going to fake it and get out there! When I am a bit manic is the best time for social outings - then I'm outgoing (ish) and it is much easier for me to socialize with people I don't know. When I'm a bit depressed is it very much the opposite. Thankfully this year I'm in the middle, so it's a bit of work but not impossible.

With the park being drier they have cut the grass in many areas and the park looks just beautiful. There is a loop in the back that goes along the river. It has just a few campsites along there, and on the other side of the road there are wide open grassy areas, dotted with trees with nicely cut grass - perfect for walking the dogs. When we camp somewhere we like to pick out a "pooping field" that is away from campsites and other places campers frequent. I think people appreciate not having dogs doing their business on their campsite. Hopefully photos - of the park, not the dogs pooping - tomorrow when it is drier (fingers crossed)

I did say it was dry? Well, actually it has been raining on and off all day today. The dogs and I (and Carm for a bit) still managed to get out for a pretty long walk. Scouting for bunnies on the way (they are everywhere, much to the excitement of the dogs).

Before we came I spent a day cooking up dips, black bean quinoa burgers (this time with lime - yum), and some vegan peanut butter cookies. The dips are all vegan and mostly fat free as well.
    Sun-dried tomato & olive hummus
    Artichoke heart & red pepper white bean dip
    Sesame Lime Dressing - I'm bringing the green beans to the pot luck
    and then of course the peanut butter cookies. They used just a touch of canola oil (1/4 cup I think) and maple syrup for the sweetness. The were perhaps the best pb cookies I've had! And not scads of butter. I can't remember which recipe book it was in - either "Vive Le Vegan" or "Eat, Drink and be Vegan", both by Dreena Burton. The first two dips were from the second book.

I was determined to have some food along for satisfying snacks so we wouldn't be as tempted to eat take out (there's a KFC not too far away). As it turns out, tonight is a cruise, with dinner, Sunday am is a pancake breakfast, Sunday night is a pot luck, and then Wednesday is a steak dinner. So much for healthy eating!

Tonight will be the first time we've left the dogs in the camper for more than an hour or so. I'm not too worried about barking - the blinds will be shut and the TV on, but what if they howl?

Before we left home there were a pair of robins setting up house-keeping in a tree just off the deck... it looks like we won't get our deck back yet! Oh, and the peonies... the first one was showing colour yesterday morning... we'll probably miss them all together. It looks like it will be a fantastic year for them - I couldn't believe how many buds there were. They are my most favorite flowers...

How's that for a bunch of incoherent babble!