Friday, July 6, 2012

A camping we will go

Tuesday (written tuesday, posted later - no internet!)

I've been having the most wonderful time visiting with Kirsten and the girls. But now we are going to have even more fun! We've gone camping! Carm has been gracious enough to drive the camper down and help me set up, and then leave us girls for girl time. If we weren't all so tired we'd be having a great time, as it is we are just having a fantastic time.

Monday Carm and I rushed around getting the house clean and preparing food for our trip. Brother Graham brought everyone out for a swim in the afternoon, including Eric & Juliette, whom I'm ashamed to say have never been swimming at our place before. For shame Aunty Laura! Kirsten and the girls stayed behind to spend the night and come camping with us today.

We had a few things to do in the morning and then it was time to go. Ladies in the car, Carm and pets in the truck. The trip was so short there wasn't even one "are we there yet".  It was fun having all the extra hands for set up, it was another scorcher today so we all wore our bathing suits under our clothes so we could hose off when we got to hot.

After a lunch of dip, veggies and hummus, Carm took his leave and we went for a short walk. A supper of quinoa burgers and sesame lime beans followed. Then some rain and a showing of Gone with the Wind. It will be an early night tonight!