Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post by Nissa (age 10)

My little 10 year old niece keeps a journal so I borrowed a few entries for my blog. She's also written one about our campfire and another about Grace that I will include in a few days. So cute! Pictures to follow tomorrow.


I woke up at 5:20 and lay there until 5:50. then I read my book for a while. When everyone was up we had "two" breakfasts. One was nuts and hot chocolate then the next one was smoothie.

After that we went for a walk along the path and stopped by a small lake to dip our feet in the cool refreshing water. We arrived back at the camper and had our "third" and final breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, maple syrup and fruit.

We played for a little while and then headed to Morrisburge to do some shopping at Giant tiger, two dollar stores and the grocery store. I got a summery dress, a swimsuit and that's about all. We drove back to the campsite had a snack and headed out to the lake. We wore our swim suits and waded around for what seemed like three minutes when we saw large dark clouds and heard thunder. We walked back briskly and got to the camper just as the sun and blue sky came back.

We played for a while and are just serving up a delicious dinner. (This time only one).

I also lost my tooth that had been wiggly. I finally decided to pull it out when everyone stopped telling me to.

I didn't think it was three breakfasts though only one large breakfast. Everyone else thought it was three breakfasts!


The large yellow sun blazes down on my warm skin. We finally come nearer to the sparkly blue lake. I shake off my shoes and throw my things down onto the bright green grass. I  sprint across the sand my feet sinking into the soft golden grains. I splash into the cold refreshing water and wade around. I hear the loud rumble of thunder so I pick up my things and hurry back to the camper. The thunder stops the clouds disappear and the sun shines down once again.

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