Sunday, July 22, 2012

Writings by Nieces and Nephews

Stormy Night by Juliette (age 10)

Once upon a time I was outside late at night. Leaves were falling, rain was pouring, it was all a big fright.

I did not know what to do, I really needed you.
It was a spooky night, a spooky night. It was just a big fright, so much I was bursting to flames Oooohhhh
Just bursting to flames oooooohhhhoooo.

Dark clouds in the background. Don't forget the crazy lightning. Spooky noises, it was a big fright.
Shivering cold wind


By Nissa (age 10) written to be sung the day before she and Shenna left to go home

You are the ones that keep me going,  without you near I'd disappear.

Please stay, don't go, I need you near with me forever and ever so please don't go away
stay with me, hold me, stay with me.

Please stay don't go
What I would I do if you all went away I don't know so just stick around with me

If I leave I will always return but sometimes I just need to go away from home
If you and you'll come back but you don't
What would I do for the rest of my life?

Mars and Moon By Erik (age 8)
Mars and the moon, are the big bro's of the crew. They have big sharp teeth, enough to swallow another moon.

They always have a pen star as big as the sun.

The sun swallowed the moon and Mars cried so much that the sun spit out the moon.

The sun got mad and he exploded. Then the moon was so scared that he ran away.

And Mars was annoyed when the moon ran away. Mars got hurt when the sun exploded.


Aren't kids the funniest! I love their imaginative minds :-)