Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spike Was Skunked

Of course it was just before I went to bed, freshly out of a bath... Carm let Spike in and as he ran through the door - "Laura!!! Skunk!!!". We always keep a large bottle of Nature's Miracle or Skunk Off in both the trailer and in the house. It is a liquid that is poured, full strength on the skunky bits (all of him). It works surprising well, and is quick to do. I've had to do it going out the door to work and unless the people at work thought I had bad BO and were too polite to say anything, it neutralizes the odour quite well.

Spike was foaming at the mouth - it seems he got a close up spray, but his eyes were spared. How could a little dog be so stinky? We soaked him pretty good with the stuff and he "mostly" smells okay, but I can tell that he needs a bit more work. And now that he's tried drying himself on every soft surface in the house the house "mostly" smells okay... I see a big laundry day coming up...

Tomorrow when we have more time we'll give him a good bath with just regular shampoo and another wipe of the Miracle stuff.

For tonight we got him reasonably cleaned up and have vowed to keep him off the bed tonight, and certainly from under the covers!

I wonder if they have skunks in New  Zealand?

I have lots to write about the past few days, but haven't had time to devote to a proper write up. The next few days are really busy too so it is possible I'll just have to keep notes and do a good write up when Kirsten is gone.