Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Pandemonium of Poodles

Oodles and oodles of poodles, plus one Rhodesian Ridgeback! Why so many poodles? Lady was visiting us, with her people Jo Ellen and Don.  Lady is a tiny toy poodle, all of a few pounds. We had one of each size represented on the site!

Jo Ellen and Don arrived early Tuesday afternoon - the weather was forecast to be rainy and cool, but luckily the weatherman was wrong and we had a beautiful afternoon. We sat outside enjoying some snacks and chilled white wine, dipping our feet in Lake Ontario, laughing and telling stories. We got to hear all about their Meditarianian cruise (now on our wish list). As suppertime grew near the sky clouded over and of course it rained. We all crowded into the camper to eat our supper. By the time we were finished the skies had cleared and a beautiful evening emerged. At bedtime they trundled off to a hotel while we snuggled into our own bed. We tried to convince them to just stay on our sofa - it's not the most comfortable of beds, but I think better than a hotel... but they wouldn't change their minds.

First thing Wednesday morning I took the dogs for a short 2km walk and then whipped up some breakfast cookies. Before we left home I put together a bunch of containers with the ingredients (wet, dry, raisins) so that I just needed to add a few ripe bananas and mix. I still have packages for 3 more 1/2 batches. They were ready and warm from the oven when Jo Ellen and Don arrived back at the site.

Again, the forecast had been for rain, but instead it was the nicest day we've had. The air was still (which means the biting flies come out), the water was calm, the sky was clear. Perfect (except for those darn flies). We had a lovely day. They treated us to fish & chips for lunch (yum), we drank wine, and laughed.

Poor wee Spike was barking a bit so I got the "special collar" (bark collar). Just the sight of it reminds him to control himself, but then with it sitting in plain view some insect (wasp?)  bit him such that he yelped. He was not the same for the rest of the day. He was spooked and feeling sorry for himself. He wanted up in my lap (he's 23lbs!), and wanted to cuddle. He's always been very sensitive - with a really long memory.

Jo Ellen always brings me the loveliest gifts. This time she brought a wine coaster and cork from their trip to the Amalfi Coast, as well as a book called "Simple Pleasures". The following quote is from the book. I think it pretty much sums up our day today.

It was a lovely day of blue skies and gentle breezes.
Bees buzzed, birds tootled, and squirrels bustled too and fro,
getting their sun-tan in the bright sunshine.
In a word, all Nature smiled.

  P.G. Wodehouse

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